Are you going to travel this Christmas? So know what is the worst day to hit the road!

Apakah Anda akan melakukan perjalanan Natal ini?  Jadi ketahuilah hari terburuk apa yang menghadang!

It is normal for many people to want to travel at this time of year. There is no way: there are hours and hours of traffic jams, with the car full and under a scorching sun. To try to alleviate this problem, Waze released a survey revealing what is the best time to go by car for the holidays. The data was computed in late 2014. How about avoiding stress on the road this year?

The worst day is …

The 23rd, which precedes Christmas Eve, is the worst time to go, according to Waze. This is even worse as in 2015 the 23rd falls on Wednesday, considered the most bottled day of the week. In the early evening, between 5pm and 7pm, it’s peak time.

If traffic weren’t enough, two days before Christmas is the moment when the app received an 88.64% increase in accident alerts in 2014. Traffic jams increased 36.48%.

In São Paulo it is even worse. There was an increase of 117.72% in accident alerts. Traffic jam alerts in the metropolitan area rose 33.46%.

The best day is …

Friday the 25th is the best time to hit the road. In the same period in 2014, Waze registered a significant drop in the number of users connected to the application.

If you prefer to travel on Thursday, the 24th, it is good to avoid the busiest time, which is between 11am and 1pm!

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