AR employees with controlled access to the Internet

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Last month, the Assembly of the Republic implemented new measures to control the use of the Internet as a way to prevent access to sites considered abusive.

According to a dispatch from the agency, in early March, some cases of attempted access to banned pages were observed, which led to the adoption of new strategies that involve monitoring the computers.

Among the prohibited sites are games, violence, drugs, hacking and pornography, writes today’s edition of Correio da Manhã.

The decision raised some controversy among several MPs who consider this control a violation of their privacy, which led Mr Agostinho Branquinho to question the Ethics Committee yesterday, says the same source.

The Correio da Manhã also writes that the deputy will have presented a list provided by the IT department containing the records of all e-mails and respective data that he did not receive because they exceed the 10 megs of maximum limit imposed by parliament.

Finally, José Lello guaranteed that there is no breach of privacy and that the Computer Center cannot access the contents of the emails.

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