Jony Ive officially leaves Apple

Jony Ive officially leaves Apple

From yesterday to today, Apple updated its executive page and officially removed the photo and the name of Sir Jonathan Ive.

Apple's Jony Ive exit was originally announced late last June, and was scheduled for "the end of this year." As we reported, Ive been opening a new design company called LoveFrom with his friend Marc Newson, who render services to Ma.

Interestingly, none of the design leaders who took over Ive's main roles, such as Evans Hankey and / or Alan Dye. Both will respond to Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer, who is even named as future successor to Tim Cook as CEO.

Ive's exit announcement made some behind-the-scenes stories pop up, including a possible long-distance departure from him, information about his prototypes of TV and car, and even something about him not giving much importance to the iPhone's creation. X. Cook was forced to go public against some of this news.

While Ive's responsibilities are in good hands, it is at least curious that a company the size of Apple and the importance it attaches to the design of its products will not currently have any area executives listed on the page. It must be temporary, however.

Ive was originally hired by Apple in 1992, and has led his design department since 1996.