Apple would be working on a standalone VR / AR device with two 8K screens (!)

Ă“culos de realidade virtual da Apple

Even today, we talked about a contest that awarded a Brazilian publicist with the best proposal for Apple augmented reality glasses. For now the CNET arrived with a lot of information about this mythical Apple project, which, according to the report, should reach the hands (or rather, the eyes) of consumers in 2020.

According to a person “close to the company’s plans”, Apple would be working on a powerful virtual and augmented reality, which would bring a 8K display in each window and it would work independently, without the need to connect to a Mac or iPhone.

The internal code name of the project is T288, and, according to the source, the plans can of course be changed or canceled in the future – but the expectation is to launch in two years, even.

If the news doesn’t look exactly like news, it’s because the Bloomberg reported something very similar a few months ago; that is, if we have two respected vehicles bringing information about the development of an AR / VR glasses from Apple, you can be sure that some thing is happening inside. We still don’t know exactly what is happening.

It remains to be seen, now, how Apple will embrace VR technologies – as is well known, so far Apple has favored AR with a good advantage, with ARKit and the thousands of dedicated apps emerging on the App Store. Is it a good strategy to mix the two technologies in your glasses? We’ll have to wait and see.

via Axios