Apple Repeats Worst Rank in Best US Business Rankings

Every year the job site Glassdoor surveys its users (and based on testimonials given to the site itself) and posts its ranking of best companies to work for. With the exception of last year, the trajectory of Apple Descending: The company went from 22nd place in 2014 to 84th in 2017, recovering some places in 2018.

Now, in the latest survey, Ma fell again and repeated its worst performance: in the US ranking, Apple was considered only the 84 best company to work for its employees.

In the statement given to Apple, an anonymous employee praises the fact that any position in the company offers the possibility of growth, and that people with entrepreneurial spirit will have opportunities everywhere. There is no explanation for the fall of the Ma, but the Cupertino giant maintained the same score as last year (4.3 5) which indicates that it was other companies that improved, and Apple that got worse.

To enter the Glassdoor survey, large companies must receive at least 75 ratings for each of the 8 attributes evaluated by the site: overall company concept, career opportunities, salary and benefits, culture and values, senior management, work balance It is personal life, recommendation to a friend and business perspective in 6 months.

The ranking, as usual, is full of technology companies. THE HubSpot ranked first while the DocuSign won the bronze medal; among the big ones we have the presence of Google (11), LinkedIn (12), NVIDIA (20), Microsoft (21), Facebook (23), Adobe (39) and below Apple, Intel (100).


For the first time, Glassdoor has also released a special ranking for the Brazil. Here, we have no Apple presence, but it is worth noting the Top 10 Lifting:

  1. SAP
  2. ThoughtWorks
  3. Google
  4. Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  5. Votorantim Bank
  6. MetLife
  7. Bain & Company
  8. Europharma
  9. McKinsey & Company
  10. Nubank Brazil

Among other prominent names in the national ranking, we have: Globosat (11), Amazon (19), Dell (20), Magazine Luiza (21), Microsoft (36), Petrobras (38) and Coke (50).