For the WSJ, “iPhone 7” will not bring any major changes; 2017 will be the year of device renewal

For the WSJ, “iPhone 7” will not bring any major changes; 2017 will be the year of device renewal

Rumors about the iPhone 7 came with everything and, recently, they calmed down. So far, what we “know” is that the device which will be released this year by Apple, supposedly, has a very similar look to the iPhone 6 / 6s (with a slight redesign in the stripes / antennas), losing the entrance to headphones ear (which makes the device even more water resistant and possibly a little thinner), in addition to, of course, improvements in technical specifications as a whole (dual rear camera on the Plus model, capacity up to 256GB, etc.).

The next major changes to the iPhone, as has already been widely discussed, would be for 2017. Yes, next year, the smartphone should come quite differently, which would include an end-to-end OLED screen, the removal of the Incio button (the Touch ID would work anywhere on the screen), a redesign of the structure as a whole (which would make it possible to have even larger screens in a structure of similar size to the current ones), among other things.


Today the Wall Street Journal published an article (closed matter for subscribers) corroborating all the above expectations. For them, exactly what happens the newspaper, however, did not comment on the allegedly wider camera sensor on the iPhone 7 and the double camera on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Also according to the vehicle, Jony Ive (Apple design chief) has expressed his desire for an iPhone that resembles a sheet of glass for years and, with the launch of 2017, Apple will start treading this path (eliminating much of it). the frame around the screen).

Regarding the iPhone 7 itself, it is not clear whether the company has changed its launch strategy (leaving it to promote major changes every three years) or if we are facing a year / launch at the very same. The newspaper says that, in a meeting with an Apple executive last month, one of the company's engineers in China asked why this year's model is not a renewal of the line, as we are used to seeing since the launch of the iPhone ( which changes its physical structure every two years). The answer? The new technologies that Apple launches on the smartphone are not yet ready to be implemented. According to people familiar with the matter, some features that Apple hopes to integrate into iPhones, such as curved screens, are not ready for the 2016 models.

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