Apple generated 325,000 jobs in South Korea, home of Samsung

Apple generated 325,000 jobs in South Korea, home of Samsung

Apple has launched a new page on its South Korean Web site for the first time disclosing numbers of the company's participation in the country, where it has been operating for two more decades.

As disclosed by The Korea Herald, Apple has already grossed more than 4.7 trillion ($ 15.7 billion) in profits from the App Store, as well as fostering partnership with several companies in the country (including its rival Samsung). As a result of these investments, the company generated, directly and indirectly, about 325 thousand jobs in South Korea.

Of this total, approximately 200,000 people are somehow linked to Apple's ecosystem, mainly as developers of the App Store. In addition, another 125,000 jobs were created by partners in Ma's production chain, while about 500 people are actually hired directly by the company.

Apple's direct employees in the country occupy design positions, customer service representatives, marketing experts, engineers, and the Apple Garosugil retail team in Seoul. The number of indirect hires probably also includes work created on Samsung's production line focusing on gadgets Apple, such as the manufacture of displays, RAM and storage chips.

More than disclosing numbers, the Korea Herald Apple believes Apple has a political reason to share such information about its participation in the country: to prevent the local government from imposing taxes on the activities of foreign technology companies.

There is no way to predict whether the Ma technique will work or not. The fact that such data is even given.

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