Apple’s netbook may actually be an eBook reader (aka Apple’s answer to the Kindle)

As you have been following here on MacMagazine, rumors of an Apple netbook for the third quarter of this year are growing stronger. However, all we know at the moment is that she would have ordered Wintek a batch of 10-inch touchscreens; but who said they are just for a netbook?

Reporter Andy Ihnatko, from Chicago Sun-Times, spoke to who thinks precisely differently: such a mysterious product would be, according to him, an eBook reader with the Ma brand. In other words, Cupertino’s answer to’s Kindle.

Apple eBook reader mockupApple eBook reader mockup

Sources reportedly claimed that «tens of thousands» of books were recently delivered to Apple headquarters and, with such hype about the Kindle 2 and its arrival on the iPhone App Store, Steve Jobs and his cronies may also want to get their hands on this new one. money mine. If it is not really an iBook (how about resurrecting the name in the new product ?!), at the very least Apple could expand the iTunes Store and start selling books online, just like its competitor.

My bet is that this device will not be _only_ an e-book reader, but rather an iTablet of complete life, but also with specific functions for this.