Key features of iOS 8 already exist on Android

Android Lollipop vs iOS 8: Differences Welcome

In October we will see the release of their new versions of operating systems: Android Lollipop and iOS 8. Systems that cater to distinct users, and promote a range of discussions ranging from compliments and disappointments, to accusations of plagiarism. In some ways both systems have many similarities, which are evident with each announcement of a new version. check out the similarities and differences between the operating system of Google and Apple.

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Check out the similarities and differences between Google and Apple operating systems. / ANDROIDPIT

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: The Concept

IOS 7 was a trend breaker for Apple, which has changed from its design interface known as skeumorism, with icons that reflect directly to its everyday appearance to deep shadows and letters, gradients and leather textures. The design plan was adopted by the company, which now adheres to straight lines and flatter layers, as well as more colorful and flashy cones. IOS 8 retained all the features of the previous version, gaining minor refinements and greater possibility of user interface changes through third party applications such as notification bar widgets and standard keyboard changes.

Android Lollipop has retained the minimalist look of the KitKat version, with additions to the new visual language known as Material Design. The new interface makes reference to warmer colors based on the combination of ink, pencil and paper.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: The performance

IOS 8 has retained support for 64-bit architecture, introduced in the mobile market through its previous release. Apple-driven software creation and hardware control ensures many times the integration of devices high end running with Android OS. While the ecosystem is designed and controlled by the company, power saving and control options are not user-accessible, making Apple's OS more than many Android smartphones and tablets.

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Features for control and energy saving. / ANDROIDPIT

One of the features of Android is its power-saving and control features, and while Google is not the only hardware and software controller, manufacturers that include system interfaces and features always offer battery-saving solutions and modes. Android Lollipop brings the same 64-bit support as well as replacing the Dalvik virtual machine with ART, resulting in better application performance and certainly saving more battery power.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: Customization

Apple offers some native apps that cannot be removed by the user, such as Passbook, Bag, Compass and Newsstand. The user interface cannot be replaced by skins or launchers Customizable. One of the best known drawbacks among users of the company and other operating systems is the impossibility of changing system ringtones, such as notifications and calls. Already in Android, personalization is the watchword.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: Updates

Apple updates are available at the same time, having already gone through all the steps and approval processes with the carriers for hardware suitability.

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Android updates only come first to Nexus devices. / AndroidPIT

With Google the story is quite different, as the source code is made available for each manufacturer to adapt the new software to the hardware, extra features and interfaces, so that the necessary approvals and certifications can be made later. This causes a delay in the availability of the update to the user, with each manufacturer having a different schedule and priorities. The alternative for users who can't afford first-hand updates are Nexus devices, which serve as the development platform for each new version of Android.

With Android Lollipop, Google reconsidered its update policy and adopted the same system as Apple, ie announcing the changes added to the OS first and, after working on possible errors and releasing the APIs for developers can adapt their applications to new software, the company will then send the update to users. However, we still do not know how manufacturers will behave in relation to this new posture.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: Google Wallet and Apple Pay

Who laughs last, laughs best? In the case of Apple, yes. Mobile payments has not yet started in the US or European market driven by Google Wallet. Now, the bet is on the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which joined the use of NFC technology. At first, Apple's proposal to increase the network of accredited partners.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS 8: The Ecosystem

Both platforms have evolved over the last few years, although today the interest in ecosystems focused on differentiated solutions and accessories are quite similar: domestic, corporate, health and automotive systems. What changes here is the way companies approach, with Apple offering solutions tied to their devices with narrower possibilities, and Google focusing on providing a platform with solutions that are accessible to all developers, devices and adaptations for different uses.


Comparison between systems is possible only when we have a Nexus device in mind or any other running Android stock, so experiences can be more accurately identified. Don't think about comparing iOS with Android running on a Galaxy device using the interface Touchwiz. Google apps and services are available to iOS users, but not the other way around. While Android provides a wider range of possibilities ranging from customization to a wider range of devices, Apple values ​​the performance of its system by limiting a range of features to its users on a smaller range of devices.

Users who prefer a particular operating system are unlikely to be attracted to the competing system, but the truth is that iOS and Android are very similar platforms. The differences present between systems today are used in the future as part of a new update, which makes platform rivalry a breakthrough for innovations and possibilities for all of us.

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