Android + Linux on the Desktop, would it be a dream?

Android and Ubuntu

What's up guys, how's it going? I transcribe here on the blog a (very good) idea of ​​a colleague of ours and reader of the blog. Have you considered merging the useful with the nice and combining all the best features of Linux platforms (Ubuntu) with the beauty and practicality of Android? Dream? For now yes, but we can make this a reality.

Today I got in touch with a SL colleague named Henrique who presented me with a project of his, an idea that is worth taking forward, so I am publishing here at Diolinux and openly supporting the project. Want to know more about this idea of ​​merging Linux with Android?

Read the sequence of the text produced by Henry himself:

Android Linux

"ANDThis idea is being proposed by a young Brazilian to Google in the Creative Sandbox project, where the company receives submissions and ideas from all Internet users, if the idea turns out to be well founded and gets lots of votes it is designed by Google.

This new system will be a fast, secure and minimalist linux distro with marketing never seen in the linux world mainly because of the name: Android Linux.

The project is very ambitious because it also proposes a google and canonical partnership to increase the use of linux on desktops and would also improve the look of Ubuntu (on which the new system will be based)

The union of these two companies was going to be perfect because Google is strong enough to draw a lot of attention in the technology world and would bring all its products to the distro like Chrome Browser, Google Earth and especially Google Play, which would be the System Programs

Android Linux would also replace Chrome OS as Google's cloud-centric desktop operating system. This concept of cloud system is still very new and has little chance of working, but it is sure to be very well used in the new system.

If you liked this idea, help us implement it, go to the Creative Sandbox website and click the +1 button and help us get the project out on the internet, so who knows that for now just one idea can come true !!! "

And you reader what do you think? could the union of Ubuntu with Android bear good fruit?

If you think so participate!