Anacom moves forward with public consultation for BWA

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Anacom will carry out a public consultation, which will continue until the 2nd of January and which will help to define the conditions for the exploitation of BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) technology in Portugal.

The measure takes into account the latest international developments in this matter, namely the positions discussed within the European Commission and the results of the public consultation also carried out by the regulator for the review of the rights to use spectrum in FWA technology.

In a statement, Anacom aligns the main conclusions of the EC in terms of BWA (fixed broadband wireless access) and the results of the action of the constituted working groups, where it is concluded that the spectrum bands most suitable for BWA will be 3, 6 GHz and 5.8 GHz.

Interested parties have 20 working days to send comments on the matter to Anacom through an email address email created for that purpose.

BWA at frequencies pointed out by the regulator is also known as fixed WiMax and allows broadband communications over long distances, unlike the predecessor Wi-Fi, limited in geographic scope. It is faced with a technological alternative to mobile networks. The fixed component presents itself as an alternative to ensure service on the last mile to the customerā€™s home.

In Portugal, there is already an operator with a business model designed to operate the technology, Redvo Telecom, which has covered the entire city of Cascais waiting for the regulatory framework to proceed with a commercial pilot.

Wimax offers data transmission speeds in the order of 70 Mbps and a range of more than 50 kilometers.

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