Americans believe that the Internet can replace relationships

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One in four Americans says the Internet can replace the lack of a relationship with the opposite sex. This is the conclusion of a study by Zogby International that found that 24 percent of respondents see the network as a substitute for relationships.

The consultant found that the number of people according to this theory was higher among singles (31 percent). Analysts also indicate that some young people consider the Internet to be their new best friend.

While 25 percent of American adults have an active profile on a social network, this trend is almost mandatory among young people aged 18 to 24. In this age group, 78 percent of users are members of a virtual community.

The survey went further and found that 11 percent of Americans were willing to deploy a chip in the brain that would allow them to access the Internet. On the other hand, one in five respondents said they would put a chip in children aged up to 13 years to facilitate their location.

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