AMD files new complaint against Intel

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AMD has filed a new lawsuit against Intel accusing it of anti-competitive practices. This time the complaint was lodged with the German authorities and alleges that Intel uses commercial practices with retailers that go against the competition laws in force in Germany, advances C | Net.

The complaint follows a news item published by the German version of the Financial Times newspaper that reveals that the Media Markt store chain is paid by Intel to sell computers using the brand’s processors.

Hollis Krym, a spokesman for AMD, cited by C | net, reveals that the company «had already heard of similar cases», which is why it decided to «file a formal complaint with the competition authority in the German market.

A representative of the same authority confirmed that a complaint was filed by «a company competing with Intel» and is now in talks «with colleagues at the European Commission» about the possibility «of them also accepting the complaint».

In June last year, the microprocessor maker filed a lawsuit against Intel where it accused it of putting in place a set of measures with the clear intention of blocking AMD’s possibilities for action.

Among the charges included discounts, funds allocated to marketing campaigns that would benefit partners, exclusivity agreements that prevent any competitive bid and threats to companies that want to associate their image with AMD.

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