Amazon launches new Kindle DX

Amazon launches new Kindle DX

Amazon announced a new Kindle. The new digital book reader is a cheaper version of the Kindle DX, the most generous model in size and functionality, that Amazon has on the market.

The new Kindle DX has an improved screen, which Amazon says will be able to offer a better image. The management of PDF documents has also been improved.

The company even claims that the new device is able to assert itself as a substitute for traditional paper books in teaching, namely in universities.

On the Amazon website it is already possible to order the new device, which starts to be sold on July 7th. It will cost 379 dollars (304 euros), compared to the 489 dollars that the company asked for the previous generation of the equipment.

It is recalled that even recently Amazon lowered the price to another model of the equipment, which started to cost 189 dollars, after a price reduction of 70 dollars, in a close fight with other manufacturers of the same type of device.

In this case, the dispute was with Barnes & Noble who had lowered the price of his Nook by $ 60. The equipment started to cost 199 dollars.