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ZTE resells smartphones in Brazil with national manufacture

If the specs of the newly launched Nubia Z9 impressed you, be aware that the chances of this device being officially sold in Brazil were even higher. Chinese ZTE will return to market its devices in Brazil, with local manufacture in Manaus Free Zone. Check out details below.

ZTE will return to market its devices in Brazil, now with local manufacturing. The company has entered into a partnership with automaker Evadin in Manaus, which is already producing routers and other ZTE-branded laptops. The next production line will be smartphones, which is in the negotiation phase with Brazilian operators and distributors. According to Eliandro vila, president of ZTE in Brazil, the biggest focus of the company will be the low and medium range devices, with attractive price and good performance. Smartphones with appeal premium will be produced later this year to compose the ZTE catalog early next year. The executive assesses the economic crisis facing the country with optimism, and sees the scenario as an opportunity for the Chinese. Check out an excerpt from the testimonial sent to the site Mobile time:

"There are companies that are very well stocked and need to burn stocks urgently. As a new entrant, I see it as an excellent opportunity, because we are out of breath, unlike the others. Our focus is on devices with good performance but affordable prices."

The first locally produced handsets are expected to reach shelves between the third and fourth quarter of 2015. ZTE devices will hit stores along with smartphones from China's Xiaomi, which will introduce its first smartphones in Brazil during the second half.

And, do you believe 2015 will be the year of the Chinese in Brazil?