ZorinOS Lite 15 is released based on XFCE

In the computer world, at some point or another, we will come across some computers that are no longer holding up with today's operating systems. Well, ZorinOS Lite 15 is here to give you this extra breath.

O ZorinOS Lite comes as a very interesting proposition for those who have that "little old school pc, which nowadays would not be able to run the most current systems, such as the Ubuntu.

In June this year (2019), a review was made at Diolinux, showing what the version of ZorinOS 15 would look like, which makes a very interesting modification of Gnome and how the people at ZorinOS think Gnome should be. The video you can check below.

The system is very nice, but for the old schools, it would not work very well as it could get very heavy and slow them down. So cutting off the magic of having a machine again working and turning it into frustration, let's say so. But as I said at the beginning of the subject, ZorinOS 15 Lite came to fill this gap.

As we can see, the very beautiful and eye-catching interface, which according to the project's website, was designed based on the layout of Windows 7 making the system more user-friendly for those arriving from the Microsoft system, which comes to an end in beginning of 2020.

ZorinOS 15 Lite is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS which support goes through April 2023, also goes with Linux Kernel 5.0 and the graphical environment that XFCE is going with 4.14. The system already has Snap and Flatpacks enabled, so no installation is required.

The requirements for running ZorinOS Lite are:

CPU: 700 MHz Single Core (64 or 32 bits);

512 MB of ram;

8 GB storage;

Monitor with minimum resolution of 640 x 480.

To download ZorinOS Lite 15, just log in here and to know all the details of this version of the operating system, access this link.

This is very good to see, a company like Zorin Group, owner of ZorinOS, think of this kind of public, which in 2020 will lose the full support of Windows 7 and can not migrate to Windows 10 So she can in theory give these machines a few more months to live, and that's very good. So much so that we discussed how to increase Linux desktop participation at the Diolinux Friday Show. It's worth it to check.

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