Zorin OS, from a teenage dream to a promising startup

Zorin OS aims to be the inbound Linux distribution for Windows users.

You may have read some stories about how some operating systems came up (Linux distros included), which are usually interesting stories where the creators, with good technical knowledge, were trying to solve a problem they faced, such as the Linux Kernel story in themselves inclusive. Today you will learn a little more about one of the first thriving distros I used, Zorin OS.

Zorin OS

I have told the channel videos a few times about my first experiences with the Linux world. Two distributions were responsible for getting my first steps on my own with a new operating system, only Linux Mint and Zorin OS. Both with similar proposals and with several differences between them.

From the time I used Zorin OS 1 in my early days in the Linux world, distro has been using GNOME as its interface, it was a very modified GNOME 2. Over time Zorin has changed and currently uses GNOME 3 as a graphical environment, but instead of using the traditional GNOME Shell it uses a different one called "Zorin Shell" which gives all the look and functionality that the system has. Below you can check out one of the most recent videos I made about him on the channel to get an idea of ​​how it works:

Developers recently announced that the system has hit 1 million downloads, of course not all of these people use the system in their daily lives, but that indicates how curiously an environment like Zorin's might arouse the public. Aiming to be a "gateway" for Windows users, developers have seen that most downloads actually come from proprietary systems, with macOS and Microsoft Windows, reinforcing the idea that the initial goal of the distribution is being met.

In an interview with the site "It's FOSS ", ireland, distro creator Artyom Zorin, comments a bit about his trajectory to the Linux world and the reasons and goals for creating the distribution. The earliest versions were created in their teens, along with their brother, when they were between 12 and 14 years old. The tests were primarily done with their father.

According to the report, Zorin (the guy, not the distro) had tested Ubuntu 7.10 and loved it, but when he went to show it to his father, in order to make him use Linux, his reaction was adverse, especially from the visual aspect. be far from what he was used to being a longtime Windows user.

Zorin brothers
Kyrill and Artyom Zorin in 2015

Because of this Zorin OS was born with the mission of making the Windows / Linux transition simpler and with the least amount of friction possible. In order to do this they had to learn how to program, as they learned from tutorials, books, and whatever else they could find, they were building Zorin OS and in 2008 they released the first verse.

Currently both live from Zorin OS and have developed a company around the distribution, which even has a paid version with some extra configuration tools and costs only 19 Euros. The Ubuntu-based distro has its own shell, as already commented, modified from GNOME Shell.

I find a story like this extremely inspiring, which shows that having unwillingness and faith in your work is already halfway to something, the second part is basically "rolling up your sleeves" and making it happen.

Want to know more about Zorin OS? Visit the siteYou can download Zorin OS Core 12.2 (currently), which is the free version of the system.

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