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Zoom launches update with new encryption and security features

The new version of the app, Zoom 5.0, will bring features for data security and user privacy

The videoconferencing platform zoom on Wednesday announced an update to the encryption capabilities in its application to better protect meeting data and offer resistance to fraud. The new version of the app, Zoom 5.0, is already available with almost all resources, the company said in a statement.

THE zoom, which increased from 10 million to 200 million daily users in less than three months, faced a negative reaction from users after security experts found flaws in the platform and the company did not disclose that the service did not offer end-to-end encryption. After this discovery, the company committed itself to solving data security problems in a 90-day plan, and is now showing the first results.

Security ZoomZoom 5.0 is the company's update with improved encryption to protect users' data.

Zoom 5.0 brings new features and greater protection

O Zoom 5.0 the first step within the company's 90-day plan, which will include support for encryption AES 256-bit GCN to increase data security at conferences, and also against data manipulation by third parties.

I am proud to reach this stage of our 90-day plan, but that is just the beginning. We build our business, delivering happiness to our customers. We will gain the trust of our customers and offer them a more secure and dynamic platform

said Eric S. Yuan, Zoom's CEO.

According to CPO from the company, Oded Gal, holistic assessments were made on user privacy and platform security. From our network to the user's set of resources and experience, everything is undergoing rigorous scrutiny, says Gal. Below are the new features for the platform.

Network security

The implementation of encryption AES 256-bit GCM will allow an increase in the security of data trafficked during the conferences, as well as increase protection against data manipulation, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity for Zoom Meeting, Zoom Video Webinar and Zoom Phone. GCM encryption support starts on May 30, and will take effect as soon as all accounts are enabled new encryption.

For administrators and users of paid plans, it is also possible to control the routing of call data, by geographic region. This means that you will be able to choose which servers, according to the geographic region, your conferences will be able to travel.

User experience and controls

O Zoom 5.0 will include more controls for the user during video calls. The new Security (Security) will offer quick access to the application's security features directly from the call menu bar. Call hosts will also be able to report users directly through the Security icon.

Security Icon ZoomThe Security icon provides easy access to Zoom security functions

At Waiting Rooms (Waiting Room) were a feature that already existed on the platform, in which users waited until the beginning of the conference as a consultation waiting room. Previously they were optional, and now they are a standard setting (can be disabled) for Basic, Pro individual and educational accounts.

At access passwords they are now required by default for Basic, Pro individual and educational accounts. Corporate account administrators can define the complexity of passwords for conferences, and the length of the PIN for accessing voice messages on Zoom Phone.

It will now also be possible to configure notifications for Zoom Chat to not show the content of the messages, and during the conferences the caller ID and option to invite participants was moved from the main interface of the zoom to the Participants menu, making it difficult to accidentally share the caller ID.

O Zoom 5.0 is already available with most of the advertised features, and can be downloaded from the company's website. If you already have the program installed, upgrading to the new version can also be done through the program itself.

Source: Zoom