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Among the most popular applications for smartphones, without a doubt are the photo. Especially those that bring special effects, the ability to edit images or other peculiar features. Today we will stick to what the ZOOM FX Camera can do. Check out our review on the lines below.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Google Nexus 6Android version: 2.3.6

The space occupied by the ZOOM FX Camera is 1MB. Little, no? It is thought that the application is not from those who offer so much. But this is not the case. On the contrary, he offers us many functions, which will make his camera a "powerful machine".

At the beginning, a screen welcomes you, bringing an overview and the first steps of the application. And only with this information are there enough functions and information with which to take a good time.

Below is a summary of the main features of the ZOOM FX Camera:


  • Zoom (at 6x)
  • Flash (if your phone has one)
  • Front camera
  • Hardware button adaptation
  • Preview of some effects during pose taking
  • Hardware options settings: auto focus, balance, night
  • You can post photos on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.
  • Customizable grid overlays

In addition, photos can be modified and edited in many ways:

  • Combined effects without losing quality
  • Compatible with high resolution camera (up to 8 MP)
  • 10 prepared presets
  • 20 color effects
  • 13 frame types: thin, circular, polaroid, frame
  • 6 thumbnails
  • 12 distortion effects
  • 9 mirror effects
  • 3 Tilt-Shift Effects
  • Frame of various sizes: 3×8, square, instant, 6×4, etc.
  • Possibility of creating collages
  • Random Effects

If that is still not enough, the app still has the full screen shutter function, ie just tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture, Geotag tags, SD card storage option, wide screen lens (widescreen), etc.

There are many photo apps that are good precisely for their particular effects. The difference between these is the ZOOM FX Camera which the latter adds many application effects only. This makes it one of the best photo apps we know.

It is worth mentioning that the additional zoom, although digital, works very well. Another important aspect: the application supports full camera resolution. This is undoubtedly an advantage of an application that is free.

Screen & Controls

Seeing how much the application offers, one might think that this is something unmanageable. However, this is not the case. The operation of the application quite clear. From the phone menu you can access application options and make basic adjustments. Everything is very well organized and works with just one click on any option or suboption. Let's look at some of them:

  • Camera: You can make adjustments to the shutter button, shutter, composition network, choose the option to make the ZOOM FX main camera. In addition to adjusting the calibration of the front camera
  • Save: Images can be saved automatically, as well as enabling or disabling the GPS function and selecting JPEG quality settings.
  • Zoom: 6x. Adjustable zoom sensitivity
  • FX: Here you can adjust the size and resolution of the effects and choose to save both the processed and original images.
  • Exposure modes: This is where the camera is set for taking pictures. One of the most interesting features is the "Stable Shot Meter", which tells you how to keep the camera stable. Not to mention that you can adjust the shutter by voice, palm or any other noise
  • Share: Photos you take can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks. But to do so, you need to create a account, whose free service
  • Other: App and developer info

From the point of view of its layout, the application is very interesting. On the left side of the screen is the zoom bar and a button for setting auto focus, balance and night exposure. Below we find the flash options (on, off, auto and light) and the last button allows us to switch between the front and rear camera of the device we are using.

In the upper right corner is the FX effects button. Not all effects are shown by clicking on it. Some of them only appear when a picture is taken. The ones shown on the FX button are the default ones.

There are several options for shooting an image: Timer, Collage Burst Mode, Time Lapse, Stable Photography, Voice Activated, and Normal. There is also a shutter button and photo gallery access. As said before, the ZOOM FX Camera has a multitude of functions and features. If you ever feel a little lost in the midst of so many functions, access the Help menu via your device's menu button.

After taking a photo and editing it according to your taste and creativity, you can save the original by pressing the screen for a while. You can even add ad infinitum and ad absurdum effects. And if you think your creativity is not watery one day, use the random effect function for your photos. That is, the application picks a random effect and applies on the image captured by your camera.

One little problem: photos already taken cannot be cropped any way you like. There are actually pre-established formats from which you can edit them.


We won't be saying anything new if we say that even a great camera app doesn't replace professional cameras at all. But we must also not let it be said that the ZOOM FX Camera is already a big step towards them. What makes it so interesting is the sheer amount of functions it features, which combine editing and creation, and which are often separated into other applications. The problem for some users may be the language: the app is only available in English. A small notion of the language is therefore necessary.

Speed ​​& Stability

No objection how much speed or how much stability. The ZOOM FX Camera, despite having multiple functions, responds just as quickly as the phone's camera.

Price / Performance Ratio

Maybe 3.56 isn't the biggest bargain, considering there are so many free camera apps out there. But none achieves the multifunctionality of the ZOOM FX camera. We have to say that the app is worth every penny of how much it costs. And because it's the app of the week, even better: it's only coming out for $ 2.21.

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