Zoom features 27-inch screen dedicated to video conferencing

Zoom features 27-inch screen dedicated to video conferencing

From virtually unknown before the COVID-19 pandemic, to one of the leading providers of video conferencing solutions during isolation, Zoom has grown from just 10 million users a day in December 2019 to 300 million in April this year. Despite the controversies related to the lack of security of its application, the company grew and decided to expand its offer.

Zoom for Home is a range of home products that are designed to help telecommuters, but also any other general public. The software specialist company, therefore, for this new offer has established a partnership with DTEN, a company that produces peripherals for conference rooms.

One of the products is called Zoom For Home DTEN ME and it is a 27 inch touch screen to place on top of the table. Expected to hit the market in August, this display has a price of 599 dollars. Of course, it is a device designed for videoconferencing and has three smart webcams and eight built-in noise reduction microphones. The monitor is sold with the pre-installed Zoom software.

In the company's view, and witnessed by Jeff Smith, the leader of Zoom Rooms, the hardware has to be all-in-one, with no assembly complications. This solution aims to face other solutions from companies that sell different peripherals separately, cameras, microphones or screens, making it more expensive and complicated to assemble.

The company also states that a free Zoom account is enough to use the equipment. Any user with an account can authenticate and start using the equipment without difficulty. However, Zoom says that it is not a display for entertainment use, as it does not have integrations such as YouTube, virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, nor can it be synchronized with other smart home devices. However, the company promises updates and implementations of new features in the future.