Zoom App – Offers & Discounts

Many physical stores are now shifting their sales to e-commerce or e-commerce? After all, it is much easier to buy or sell over the Internet, because we can get a much larger audience, which may be potential consumers.

But which stores are reliable for buying products over the Internet? The ease of selling and buying can also upset the consumer as they only receive the product after payment.

To solve all these problems, there was a need to devise a way to ensure that our virtual purchases arrive safely at our home. So the Zoom app took shape and came to life!

Zoom app What? How it works?

Zoom App - Offers & Discounts

The Zoom app is one of the best ways to ensure a secure online purchase. It's quick and easy to use. The first step is to install the app on your smartphone, which is available for both Android and iOS, just find it in the system store.

After installing it, you need to register your data and then register a login and password so that the app can recognize you from any other device you use.

Once you have completed your registration, s start using. When you are interested in a specific product, simply enter the name of the product, which the application itself searches for you. Searches include which product is most affordable, whether there are promotions and which country store is available.

You can also program it to search only stores in your area. The app searches and compares prices of any product in over 300 stores (and is the most renowned).

Before including a particular store in his app, he searches to learn more about the store and make sure it is really trustworthy. Knowing how long this store has been on the market, how it is in the IRS, Procon and Serasa is one of the research that the application does about stores.

Offers and Discounts

Once you know if the store is trustworthy, you can now start shopping at it. The app informs all data of any company you request. So you don't have to be afraid anymore when choosing your products!

You can enter the product name or specify the model or search for the product barcode (which makes it much easier when you don't know how to specify it). So the app will search all stores that own the product and within seconds it will deliver you the completed search.

This is a great way for you to get more affordable or price-priced products, as the app, in addition to showing all prices and which stores the products are in, indicates which one is best and which comes to you in less time.

The app also informs the consumer if the product he is about to buy has any discounts, depending on the payment method. This makes it much easier to decide which product to take.

So that there is no danger of you buying and not receiving the product, the app itself runs after it for you. If you do not receive what you have purchased within the set time, he will contact the store to find out what the problem was and, in more severe cases, the App itself will refund you, but only for products up to $ 5,000.

This is practical to ensure that the virtual consumer has the best experience with their online shopping and to make them a great customer.

Stores like Americanas, Pernambucanas, Extra, Walmart, Magazine Luiza, Netshoes, Saraiva, among many others are some of which you will find by the application. Therefore, you need not worry if the seller will send you the product or not.

Bringing all the stores together, the app provides over 2.5 million products to search, compare and buy.