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Zon reinvents new generation TV service offering

Today, Zon presented a new interface for its television service, which is available alongside new services. The new Íris by Zon Fibra is the new brand of the company for services supported in the infrastructure that already ensures today an offer already sold under the Zon Fibra brand.

The image is the great differentiating element of the new way of organizing menus and options associated with the TV service. For example, the films available in the video club are now presented with the cover image. The programming of each channel is now identified in the same way, with images that allow to quickly identify the protagonists or the theme of the available programs.

Content search has also been improved. The user can search for programs by genres and add to that specificity the time he wants to view that content, such as: searching for series for tonight, for example.

The recommendation system is also now a strong bet on the platform, which collects information related to user preferences to give you more appropriate suggestions. Be it from films, or even in a research, explained the company officials. The new platform also offers more recording options, allowing you to record not only all episodes of a series in the same season, but all episodes running from all seasons. Another novelty is the possibility to like the contents seen, there is even a button on the new command that makes it easier to express an opinion.

Luis Lopes, group administrator, also said that this new Zon interface was not just designed for the set-top-box. Within a few weeks it will also be available for other platforms such as the PC, or the Apple tablet, the iPad.

Íris services are only available to Fibra customers, the name used by the company for its high-speed services. Zon subscribers with state-of-the-art services can join at no cost if they choose to go to a store and exchange the current box for the new set-top box (and remote) that Íris services require. For other members (traditional Zon and new clients), the membership costs are those related to the technician traveling to the client’s home, explained Luis Lopes. Adhesion and box have no costs at this stage of launching the offer.

The new offers associated with the Iris service will hit the market on the 14th of January. Five packages will be available. Two with 30 Mb Internet and monthly fees of 49.99 and 59.99 euros, the difference being in the calls to the fixed network included, nights in the first case and 24 hours in the second. Three more communications packages with Internet at 60, 120 and 320 Mbps and monthly fees of 64.99 euros, 74.99 euros and 139.99 euros will also be available. All have also included, in addition to the basic TV offer with 87 channels, additional content (children, series, sports or others) free of charge for a period of six months. The elements of each offer can be modified and adapted to the customer’s taste, in real time from the platform.

Zon ensures that today it has about 100 thousand customers in its fiber services and that 97 percent of its network is prepared to offer new generation services, which in the case of this operator combine fiber to cable, for a hybrid offer, based on the Eurodocsis standard, which made it possible to modernize the entire traditional Zon cable network.

The use of the term fiber by Zon has incited some controversy with the competition, especially Portugal Telecom, although even recently the National Institute of Industrial Property has recognized the company the right to use the term to mean high-speed services.

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Initial menu of the new platform

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View of the options available for this program.

Program view of a channel.

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Video club.

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New commands, available in five colors.