Zon speed table

Zon “moves” Internet speeds

Zon has announced that it will increase the speeds of download and Upload Zon Fibra and Zon Net packages during November. The update, announced in a statement, is valid for new and existing customers.

The operator also ensures, in the note sent to the press, that changing the speeds does not imply any “additional costs or changes to the invoice”.

The table published by Zon shows different changes in the various tariffs available. With the exception of one case, all others experience increases in speeds of Upload.

Among the eight tariffs available, six will be modified, such as the 100Mbps download, which changes to 120Mbps, or 50Mbps, which changes to 60.

According to the table, some packages do not register any change, as is the case with the 30 Mbps tariff. download and 2Mbps of Upload, which remains the same.

Zon speed table

It should be noted that a study recently published by Anacom identifies Zon as the operator that offers the best IVR value (80.6%), a relative speed normalization index established by the regulator in order to compare the different commercial offers.