Zomato adds Takeway service and contactless payments to your app

Zomato adds Takeway service and contactless payments to your app

Zomato is one of the most popular applications for finding places to eat and drink, but like the catering industry, it ended up suffering the isolation effects due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking not only to adapt to the current reality, but also to the post-coronavirus world, when little by little the normal daily routine is resumed, as much as possible, the company presents two new functionalities for its application: a Takeaway service and a contactless payment system .

And one service complements the other, allowing its users to order food directly from the application and execute the respective payment on it. Zomato says it already has more than 300 participating restaurants in Lisbon and Porto at its Takeaway service.

Everything the user needs to search for a restaurant in the vicinity of their location, access the menu and choose, order, pay in the application via Zomato Pay, which supports MB WAY or credit card, go to the restaurant at the appointed time and pick up ordering the meal.

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And when we get back to normal as possible, Zomato also introduced the contactless payment service. This new possibility is an evolution of the payments functionality in the app itself, launched at the beginning of the year. The payment via contacless increases the security of customers when paying their expense in restaurants, thus reducing the need for social contact.

With these features, Zomato intends to offer all solutions for those who miss eating out in a restaurant. Starting with the menu, ordering and payment are done digitally. The only thing you need to touch is your phone, and the food

The company also mentioned in a statement a partnership with the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Hunger and until May 3, the value of all Zomato Gold subscriptions sold will revert to the Food Emergency Network, of the Portuguese Federation of Food Banks Against Food. Hunger. For users who decide to subscribe to the 12-month plan, in this same period they receive double the time, that is, two years of Zomato Gold subscription.