Zoi: An Addicting and Annoying Android Game

The games for Android come in many genres, formats and sizes.

However, sometimes a game comes up that can be both addictive and annoying – think Flappy bird – this is the case of Zoi.

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Zoi's Escape. </p><p>/ GameSys
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The objective of the game is to get Zoi to reach the top of the tower while the cows watch from the bottom.

The main character is a jumping pink alien, and s.

It has no power or ability other than jumping.

To play just need to touch the screen when you want to jump, simple as that.

Obstacles are blocks of stone and fireballs that approach each other at different speeds.

zoi main
Zoi's home screen. / ANDROIDPIT

Each time you die, a supporting phrase appears, some of which I have received so far:



Have you tried Candy Crush?

Enter coins to continue

Die, die, die and die


That is the easy part. Same.

Have you been drinking?

zoi win
Encouraging phrases in victory … / ANDROIDPIT
zoi died
… and somewhat humiliating in defeat.


In all there are 45 phases divided into 3 worlds: Farm, Sea and Laboratory.

The difficulty increases with each level, along with the frustrations of the gambler.

There are several "fantasies" for your Zoi, which are released by leveling or other achievements.

Free Zoi with ads, which can be removed for $ 2.84.

zoi costumes
Dying hard also has its advantages.


The game requires quick reflexes and some motor skills.

Very simple and straightforward operation: tap the screen to jump and climb the rocks that appear or dodge the fireballs.

As usual in this style of play, some stages are so easy that they lose their grace, while others seem to be impossible to pass (18 of the second world).

It's a great pastime, but it can be very annoying.

The Zoi doesn't run out of battery, weighs 13MB and needs Android 2.3 or higher to run.

If before downloading the app you want to make a Test drive, throw the verse the browser game.

Install on Google Play

What is the best annoying game for Android?

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