Zeq2Lite para Linux

ZEQ2 Lite – Play Dragon Ball on Linux in multiplayer mode

Very well made and very diverse graphics

After a while you end up decreasing your playing time for other activities, good times when I spent the day playing GTA or FIFA, over time I got used to giving less importance to games, but that has changed recently. I increasingly take a few moments of the week to devote myself to gambling.

Zeq2Lite for Linux

A little of my childhood

I've always liked anime, and Dragon Ball Z has always been my favorite, closely followed by Yu-Gi-Oh, I've always liked computer and video games.

But why talk about it?

Yeah, it's been a while since I was up until 4 am playing something (started at 10), and ZEQ2 Lite was the big reason.

Goku SSJ3 ZEQ2 Lite

Get to know a little more about ZEQ2 Lite

ZEQ2 Lite is a free game that simulates Dragon Ball fights, a little strange to say but that it is "a Dragon Ball game", the game made on Quake Engine 3 and has all the serious theme of Akima Toriyama.

Good gameplay, graphic quality is also expected, the only flaw may be the fact that the shattered scenario rebuilds itself, there is a wide variety of blows and special effects and the sounds are the same in the animated series.

Playing online

The great difference and fun is to be able to play online against players from around the world, there are many servers available and all free.

Mods and AddOns

The game is open to modifications and install new characters and mods is not complicated, the game brings some iconic characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Napa, Freeza among others, but it is possible to add new characters, and new scenarios, you can make changes when you is with a Sayajin character or someone else who has more than one way like Cell or Freeza, just install Mod. You can find these mods on the developer's page.

Demo gameplay with Goku

Mods Statement


And this was a game from our Linux game series, check out other games here. See you next time!

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