ZenUI: the best tips to enjoy your Asus smartphone

However, many of the best functions and tricks may be a bit hidden in it, so we have prepared this selection of tips so you can get the most out of your Asus smartphone. Let's go to them.

How to use ZeniMojis

You can activate Asus' own set of animojis, the ZeniMojis. You will be able to make videos and photos in the camera app or live broadcasts with animals and avatars that move just like your face. To enable them, you must go to Settings> Advanced> ZeniMoji and enable both options.

After that, just go app drawer and open the ZeniMoji app. You can record videos, make GIFs and take pictures with the available animations.

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Tidy up your apps

To keep your apps in order, ZenUI offers many functions. In the app drawer, for example, you can tap the three dots at the top of the window and choose Smart Group, where the system automatically groups apps by type.

If you choose Preferences from the same menu, you can, for example, Hide apps you don't want to show or, at Home Screen, Lock home screen, preventing your Home app order from being undone by accident.

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ZenUI iPhone Navigation

Don't like the app drawer? Prefer the iPhone way, which shows everything at Home, without distinction? You can have it in ZenUI by simply keeping your finger on the screen in an empty spot, and selecting Preferences.

L, select Home> Layout, and choose Single Layer Mode. Okay, your apps will only be in Home, and you no longer have the app drawer.

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Hide notch in models that have it

If notch is something that really bothers you, you can work it out most of the time. Just go to Settings> Screen> Hide Crop. There, a black band will even out the top of the screen.

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How to use two accounts in the same app

If you need to use two accounts from the same app, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and even more bizarre ones like PUBG, the Asus system has native dual app mode. Turn on Settings> Advanced> Twin Apps.

Just select which apps you want to use in duplicate and wait. When you're done, just go into the app drawer and look for the same icons, one of which has a dual app notification. Just log in normally.

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One more way to take a screenshot

You already have the habit of taking a screenshot of the system holding the power button and the volume button down, which is standard on almost every Android. However, with ZenUI, you can use another method for this.

Go to Settings> Display> Navigation Bar> Recent Apps Button and choose Tap & Hold to take a screenshot.

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Three types of navigation

One more thing you can do in Settings> Display> Navigation Bar, choose Navigation Bar Types, and select one of the three available types. In addition to the common we already know, the three buttons that hide to make room for the screen, two others draw attention.

You can choose Navigation Gestures, where the bar rises and you slide your fingers to the side to choose what you want; or you can choose Slide Home button up, where a trace appears below the screen and you navigate it through the functions.

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Record or stream your games live

ZenUI brings a number of tools for those who want to play while broadcasting their matches live on the most famous services. Go to Settings> Advanced> Game Genie. Turn on Game toolbar and tap the function to choose which apps will show the tool in the notification bar.

The other controls are for setting live recording and streaming quality, audio source, login to YouTube and Twitch accounts and activating the selfie camera to record your reactions while playing.

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Using AI Features

If you are enthusiastic and really want to take advantage of the features that artificial intelligence can provide for your device, ZenUI has a special area for you to enable the featured features of the system.

Go to Settings> Advanced> AI Features and enjoy things like OptiFlex, where the system speeds up the start of apps of your choice, or IA loading, which adapts the load rate to the time you usually place your device to recharge every day. Worth checking out.

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Set up the best audio

One of ZenUI's most interesting features is the Audio Assistant. Go to Settings> Sounds & Vibration> Audio Assistant. A very useful interface shows you how to take advantage of dts support if it is available on your device.

There are narrow settings, an external mode, predefined profiles for some scenarios such as vocal, normal, rock and pop and also the possibility to create your own profiles.

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Using gestures in ZenUI

Go to Settings> Advanced> ZenMotion and find many different options for navigating the system. There is a double tap on the screen to wake it or turn it off, and also turn the handset down to leave it in the world.

There is also the option to draw letters on the locked screen and off to access the apps you choose. There are six different letters that can be well configured.

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Change the wallpaper every time you unlock the device

To always have a fresh look on your device, or to always check the photos of family, travel or pets, a function can be very useful.

Go to Settings> Security and lock screen> Wallpaper slideshow and enable the function. From there, you can choose from a preselected library or from your own list of your photos.

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Customize without launcher

I don't need to download any specific launcher to change a lot in ZenUI. System features let you leave it with your face. The Themes app, for example, offers thousands of free and paid templates for you to try.

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Keeping your finger on the screen in an empty place in Home and choosing Preferences> Home Screen, you choose Icon Packs and from the three-point menu choose Get More Icon Packs, where you will have many to choose from. From the same Home menu, choose Home Edition and select the alignment of Home icons, Home window scrolling effects, fonts, and folder theme. D to create a lot.

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Did you like the tips? Do you have any other to indicate?

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