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Zenmuse XT It's the new DJI thermal camera for the Matrice 200 Series drones!

THE DJI launched today the Zenmuse XT S, a new thermal camera for the drone series Matrice 200. With it, the company promises thermal images with high resolution, sharpness and many details.

Zenmuse XT S has a infrared sensor, 19mm lens and radiometric sensor with 25Hz refresh rate and 640×512 resolution. In addition, the camera has been enhanced with 2x and 4x digital zoom.

Zenmuse XT S Official Page

According to DJI, it was developed for "more challenging solutions" such as being used in the mapping of risk areas or accidents by firefighters, police, etc.

"By offering the Matrice 200 Series and the Matrice 200 V2 Series pilots the ability to capture invisible thermal data with the naked eye, Zenmuse XT S opens new horizons and potential use for drones in the series." – Christina Zhang, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at DJI.

While the drone captures the images with the thermal camera, the pilot receives the real time data through the app DJI Pilot for smartphones. It also allows the person to access intelligent features such as:

– Location average: measures temperatures of a selected point in real time from a tap.

– Area measurement: calculates the minimum, average and maximum temperature of a selected area.


Technology promises to cheapen the car market and other autonomous devices, robotics and more

– Temperature alarms: sends a notification if the temperature of an object exceeds a predefined limit.

In parallel, the radiometric sensor stores the temperature data of each photo, which can then be analyzed by the software. DJI Thermal Analysis Tool. However, this is only possible if the information is stored in the format R-JPEG.

The Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera is compatible with the Matrice 200 and Matrice 200 V2 drones – when used with the DJI Pilot app. It is available today (13) by DJI authorized dealers, but will not be found in all regions. You can find the nearest dealer through this link.

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