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ZapZap is the Brazilian WhatApp – Download

Meet and download the new Brazilian App that aims to replace WhatsApp in Tupiniquin lands

An Open Source Alternative to WhatsApp

Brazilians develop a Telegram-based App to rival WhatsApp in the Brazilian market.

ZapZap - Alternative to WhatsApp WhatApp is one of the most downloaded apps today, both on Google Play and AppStore, but many people don't like the fact that it's only free for a while, thinking about it people decided to use the powers of Open Source and create a project. called Telegram, App we already talked about here on the blog.

Like every good OpenSource project, Telegram starts to bear fruit and one of them is ZapZap, a Brazilian project based on Telegram's source code with some differentials according to the developers:

  • – The fastest app on the market, light and prepared for even the worst access networks.
  • – Can be installed on any device, both phones and tablets, and can still be accessed by your browser
  • – You can send any type of file to your contacts, music, documents, files, games, etc ..
  • – You can create groups of up to 100 users and interact from any device.
  • – It does not consume much battery, because the technique of receiving messages differs from other applications.
  • – Secret message option, where data is not stored and still has the option of self-destruct, where you can send anything and the app destroys the message or file within how long you set.

The App still looks very similar to WhatsApp and totally in Brazilian Portuguese, certainly worth giving a try for an open source and Brazilian project, you can download it for your Android through this link here, or download via QRCode below:

ZapZap Google Play