ZAGG launches ultraviolet smartphone sanitizers; OWC announces SSD drawer with Thunderbolt 3

And now for another trip through the vast and frightening world of accessories!


The manufacturer launched two smartphone sanitizer models, each carrying one of its subsidiary brands – mophie and InvisibleShield.

mophie UV Sanitizer, ultraviolet sanitizer for smartphones

The devices work in a similar way: just position the smartphone in the inner chamber, close the lid and wait for about five minutes (the device alerts you when the cleaning cycle is complete).

The cleaning is done by several ultraviolet lamps and is capable of killing 99.99% of the common bacteria found on the surface of smartphones – remembering that you can also sanitize other objects, such as keys, headphones and credit cards.

The mophie UV Sanitizer is the duo’s most advanced device: its cover features a 10W wireless charger, so you can supply power to your smartphone after cleaning is complete.

The InvisibileShield UV Sanitizer, in turn, has the same cleaning function, but does not have a wireless charger.

The devices are now available for sale in the ZAGG online store: mophie’s $ 80, while InvisibleShield costs $ 60.


Meanwhile, the Other World Computing (OWC) launched the Envoy Express, rated the first drawer for SSDs with Thunderbolt 3 connection bus-powered – that is, it does not need to be connected to an external power source, only to the computer itself.

OWC Envoy Express SSD drawer

The accessory works with any M2 2280 NVMe SSD – it is possible to install here, therefore, even OWC’s Aura SSDs, which reach up to 4TB. Transfers via the Thunderbolt 3 cable (included) can reach up to 1,553MB / s; the package also includes an adhesive gel that allows the drawer to be attached to the cover of your Mac or PC (without leaving any residue when you want to take it out).

Envoy Express is pre-sold on the OWC website for $ 68, with the launch scheduled for next August.


THE Spigen, in turn, launched the 2-in-1 Stand All, a support designed to house an iPhone and an Apple Watch at the same time.

Spigen's Stand

Built in a rubberized and malleable material, the stand allows you to plug in the Lightning cable on your iPhone and the charger on your Apple Watch. The smartphone is standing in the foreground, while the clock is hidden behind – obviously, in the Lightning connector you can also charge other devices, such as the case of your AirPods [Pro].

Sold in two colors (black or white), the accessory is on sale at American Amazon for $ 20.


Finally, the elago launched another case for the cases of AirPods Pro: a Armor Case, designed to further protect your headphones.

elago Armor Case for AirPods Pro

It is entirely made of reinforced silicone, preventing damage from falls, dust or knocks – while offering access to the Lightning port and allowing wireless charging.

The case is on sale on the elago website for $ 17.