Zack Snyder iPhone Snow Steam Iron

Zack Snyder’s short film is entirely shot with an iPhone; “The Great Buddha +” is nominated for awards

After the tragic loss of his daughter, who committed suicide in March this year, the director Zack Snyder left the production of the film “Liga da Justiça” and left because of the intense demands of the job.

But it seems that art is a comfortable place, since he has just announced his newest short film, entitled “Snow Steam Iron”.

The short was the way in which Snyder was able to be distracted by work and be with his family at the same time, but without that it could leave him overwhelmed. In fact, he shared it in an interview for WIRED that this short was created in the simplest possible way: it was shot in just one weekend, in April, with the help of some friends and family, using only an iPhone (from the photo below, probably a 7 Plus).

Zack Snyder iPhone Snow Steam Iron

“Snow Steam Iron” is about four minutes long and can now be watched for free on the Vero app.

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Another title that also had help from an iPhone (specifically, the 6 Plus) was the Taiwanese comedy “The Great Buddha +”, which used the device in much of the production.

According to the Variety, the film was nominated for several categories at the awards Golden Horse Awards, including those of Best movie and Best Director.

The film was directed by Huang Hsin-ya and produced / photographed by Chung Mung-hong. The black comedy shows the misfortunes of two friends, as well as showing some social issues experienced in Taiwan.

The award, which is one of the most important presented in Mandarin, will take place on November 25 in Taipei.

via The Verge, MacRumors