YouTuber Confirms: New Mac Pro Wouldn't Be a Good Cheese Grater

If you were considering taking advantage of your $ 690,000 investment to use the new Mac pro also as cheese grater (after all, that would make his price more justifiable), you can take the little horse out of the rain.

As shown in the video above, YouTuber Winston moyUnfortunately the new Mac Pro would not work very well for this function, no.

Moy used a CNC milling machine to cut an aluminum block into exactly the same shape as the “punctured” casing of the new Mac Pro, and even made the 3D design available on the Thingiverse site for those who want to play too.

The cheese tests, unfortunately, were not very successful. So dont, huh Apple! 🤬

Well, at least it still looks like good soap holder. 🤷🏼‍♂️

tip of @hnrqfelix, via The Verge