YouTube opens “Learn” section, focused on educational content

YouTube opens “Learn” section, focused on educational content

Available on the website and the app, the Aprender section aggregates diverse educational content for users seeking knowledge

This Wednesday (15) YouTube is officially launching the seo Learn, a hub that aggregates educational content from the most different subjects so that users can deepen their studies.

In this section it will be possible to find playlists about biology, financial education, DIY content (acronym in English for Do It Yourself, or do it yourself in the Portuguese translation) and several other curated topics in order to arouse curiosity and help people learn something new.

With content renewed periodically to ensure that they are always up-to-date, section items Learn from YouTube will be chosen using filters developed by algorithms and human selection. The section also features some playlists with content chosen by YouTube partners, such as Fundao Lemann (who is already responsible for curating the content on the YouTube EDU channel).

youtube learn New “Learn” section can be found on the left YouTube menu

The seo Learn YouTube has been in English, Italian, French, Korean, Spanish and Japanese for some time now, and now arrives in Brazil with the first Portuguese version of the initiative.

According to Clarissa Orberg, YouTube's strategic partnership manager for education, the main objective of the section Learn YouTube introduces users to content creators who share knowledge in their areas of expertise, from more academic content (such as math, physics and grammar) to career and personal development issues, so they can more easily discover their interests and depth them more easily.

YouTube and education

The relationship of YouTube with educational content in something new, and since 2013 the site offers the YouTube EDU, a network developed in partnership with Fundao Lemann that offers content guided by the National Curricular Base and curated by the foundation. In these seven years of existence, YouTube EDU has evaluated and closed a partnership with more than 450 Brazilian educational content channels, which together exceed 70 million subscribers.

youtube learn In the app, the Learn section can be found within the “Explore” tab

This type of educational material has always been in high demand on the platform: in a survey carried out in 2018, 9 out of 10 Brazilians stated that they access the YouTube looking for knowledge, such as learning small repairs for the home (93%), developing professional skills (87%) or looking for tips for practicing sports (73%). And in 2019, more than 20 million users accessed videos available on YouTube EDU to prepare for the ENEM exam.

And this demand for educational content has only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic: since March this year, the average number of video views that have home schooling in the title has increased by 120%. In addition, there was a 65% increase in searches for easy recipes, mainly in ways of making puddings or baking bread. There has also been a huge increase in demand for videos that teach how to prepare homemade masks to protect against the new coronavirus, and content of this type has already passed 130 million views in this period.

youtube learn In the “Learn” section, you can find content that dialogs with the real world, such as videos explaining what a virus is, how to save in a pandemic period, or dialoguing with the racial issue

What also increased was the demand for videos of the type study with me (a format in which people leave the camera on while solving academic exercises and explaining step by step what they are doing). Since March 15 of this year, the viewing of videos of this type has grown 85% in relation to the rest of the year, making it clear that YouTube has been a good option for those with academic doubts in this period.

THE Learn from YouTube session can be found by accessing the hub's direct address at; through the left side menu of the YouTube website, in the More section of YouTube (in the browser version of the website); or by tapping the Learn button available on the Explore tab of the YouTube mobile app.

Source: YouTube