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YouTube Music now lets you download up to 500 songs

Google's newest music streaming service is maturing as time goes on.

YouTube Music is expanding its horizons with the addition of new features, for now not yet integrating with the Google Play Music platform. However, it is a significant resource for the use of many users.


Youtube's music streaming platform has been gaining ground among audiophiles and an interesting feature has just come to the service. One of the app's features, called Offline Mixtape, has now downloaded music intelligently. This ensures that even without internet connection the music is available. Of course, this feature can be disabled and has a manual option, hand-choosing the desired music for a situation without the web.

The built-in algorithm at YouTube Music, at night and connected to wifi, identifies your music preferences and downloads the music you like and listen to. All configurable, even in manual mode, you can download up to 500 songs.

The new possibility is available to subscribers of YouTube Music Premium, in which we have a video explaining a little more about this platform.

If you want to try it, you can try it for free for 1 month and enjoy other options that in free mode are not available, such as listening to music offline, with the phone screen locked, no ads and more. The monthly plan costs $ 16.90 and there is a family plan or student subscription. For more details visit the link. You can also listen to your music via the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS or access directly in your favorite browser.

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