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YouTube Music is the new bet of Google, which also announces YouTube Premium with original content

O Google is, once again, shaking its products in the streaming to see if it increases its relevance in a field dominated by Spotify and Apple. The Mountain View giant today announced a new product, dubbed YouTube Music, which will transform the video service into a new musical platform; there was still time to rename YouTube Red, creating a somewhat confusing service structure, but if we think about it, it makes sense.

Let us see, then, what is new, what was lost along the way and more importantly how much we will pay for it.

YouTube Music

First, we have YouTube Music itself, which the new platform for streaming Google music. The service unites a traditional library, with tens of millions of tracks, with the gigantic universe of YouTube video clips, combining everything under one roof in a unified experience.

YouTube Music

Of course, when it comes to Google, here we also have high doses of artificial intelligence (based on everything he knows about his life, this) to make personalized recommendations taking into account time and location, as well as assembling playlists automatic for your mood.

In terms of values, the model proposed by Google is very similar to that of Spotify, with a free version (sprinkled with advertisements here and there) and a paid version, called YouTube Music Premium (what cost $ 10 monthly in the United States) prices in Brazil have not yet been released, but if we consider that Google Play Music also costs US $ 10 and in national lands it costs R $ 15 / month, it is possible to have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe conversion.

Speaking of Google Play Music, the platform for streaming The service will survive for now, but will eventually be discontinued to leave YouTube Music as the only alternative. Users of the service will be able to make the transition automatically as soon as the new product is released, if they so choose, and Google ensures that other Play Music features (such as the user's precious music storage in the cloud) will not be left out.

Get out Red, get Premium

Did you find little? Good, because that's not all. In this wave of news, YouTube Red (a service that allows you to watch YouTube videos without ads and in the background, as well as save them offline) has been renamed to YouTube Premium. He continues to give exclusive access to the original content of YouTube, which is not yet particularly developed but features relatively popular films, shorts and mini-series, such as spin off from ‚ÄúKarate Kid‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúCobra Kai‚ÄĚ.

YouTube Premium cost $ 12, and bring all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium plus those features mentioned above. If it was difficult to understand the difference, just think that one focused only on music while the other encompasses YouTube as a whole or look at the table below:

Difference between YouTube Music and YouTube Premium

It is worth noting that subscribers of YouTube Red (which costs $ 10 monthly) will automatically transition to YouTube Premium and continue to pay the same current amount, at least until the second order.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium will debut next week in 5/22, in five countries: Australia, South Korea, United States, Mexico and New Zealand. Other territories will be added over the next few weeks, but we still do not know when Brazil will be contemplated by the company in this new venture.

Anyone interested?

via Recode