YouTube Music gets a new design on its playback screen

New look of the YouTube Music app play screen. Source: 9to5googleNew look of the YouTube Music app play screen. Source: 9to5google

It is a fact that YouTube Music is still in its infancy and adaptation (depending on use). Part of the maturing stage of apps is the design and recently the platform changed the look of its music video streaming platform. In the last update received, there was a change in the appearance of the playback screen.

The new look will now be officially available, in the stable app, for all Android users

Perhaps you can find the description above familiar, as Google came to test the news a few weeks ago. Now, this new design will be made official and move to the stable version of the app, giving access to the novelty for all Android users (iOS will receive it in the future, but there is no estimated date).

That said, what is new to see in this update? According to Google, there is now the ability to switch between music and video. It can be used using a small key located at the top of the screen with the words "music" and "video" on it.

Music and video key located on top. Source: 9to5googleKey "music" and "video" located at the top. Source: 9to5google

Another novelty in the playback screen, there are now two buttons below. One of them is "up next", to see the next songs in the playlist, and the other is "lyrics", which shows the lyrics of the song. The latter is still in the experimental stage, according to Google and may change even more in the future (currently it only works with some music).

Up next button (below) located below. Source: 9to5googleUp next button (below). Source: 9to5google

However, it is likely that you and I will agree that the best change on YouTube Music so far is the options of shuffling songs and repeating a track. These two options are now present on the playback screen. In addition, it is also possible to download, share or add a music playlist, touching the album cover for them to appear.

Options to download, share or add a music playlist. Source: 9to5googleOptions to download, share or add a music playlist. Source: 9to5google

According to Google, the update is coming little by little for Android users and that in the coming days everyone will be able to try the new design of the app.

Source: 9to5google

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