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YouTube Music gains lyrics on the play screen

Source: 9to5googleSource: 9to5google

Earlier this week, during Google's quarterly conference call, it was revealed that its video platform, adding users to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, currently has about 20 million paying users. In addition to the information about the number of users, it was said that YouTube Music is starting to add lyrics to the reproductions for the app on Android.

The letters can be accessed on the video execution screen itself

It is possible to access the lyrics on the video execution screen itself. To access them, the user must select the information icon located to the left of the song name. The command will bring up the panel that displays exhibition data, the count of likes, as well as shortcuts to the artist and album page.

The novelty that now has just below the section "Letters". If you scroll down, you'll see the font from which Google got the letters.

YouTube Music with lyrics. Source: 9to5googleYouTube Music with lyrics. Source: 9to5google

Despite the new functionality, not all music videos have lyrics. This feature is yet to be added to YouTube Music, but nothing prevents users from doing a lyrics search on Google separately.

Lyrics are not yet widely accessible on YouTube Music

The lyrics on YouTube Music can still not be accessed widely. Only two cases have been reported in which this has occurred so far, according to the 9to5google website. It is believed that soon the new feature will appear for devices with iOS OS and maybe, who knows, on the web platform (via browser).

YouTube Music, a music streaming service developed by YouTube, was launched in Brazil in September 2018 and will complete two years in 2020. Although it is not as successful as platforms like Spotify and Deezer, the company is slowly trying to innovate in the area and show its advantages using video playback.

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Source: 9to5google

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