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YouTube may start charging you to watch videos

Google studies bill to charge for YouTube watched video

Google is developing a new working method

YouTube is one of Google's most famous sites looking to increase its invoices by charging the user to watch certain videos.

YouTube would be considering allowing video creators to charge viewers to access the content, according to sources familiar with the talks. The decision is expected to be announced later this year.


Let me see if I understood….

Now will I have to pay to watch videos on the internet?

At the!

The negative answer, it is good to analyze the news calmly, the information was taken from the magazine at the time and good to explain, something that they did not even know how to do, searching a little further to understand the clear proposal of Google with this type of project.

The idea of ​​competing with streaming TV services like Netflix, getting television stations like Globo to upload soap operas, for example, and covering for users to see, would be something like Pay per View online.

In particular, I find this more interesting for companies than for users, it would be interesting to be able to watch series like The walking dead In a good quality, I believe that the problem here in Brazil would be the price, while probably out there would be a fee of 2 dollars (pure assumption), here would be about 12 reais per episode.

And you reader what do you think about YouTube charging for videos?

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