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YouTube is updated with HDR support on iPhones 11 Pro; Twitch, iA Writer and Firefox get news

Recently, apps YouTube, Twitch, iA Writer and Firefox have been updated with very interesting news, as we will see below.

In short, the world's most famous video platform has gained HDR support from iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max; Twitch now offers new subscription options within the app; iA Writer is now compatible with iOS 13 Dark Mode; and Firefox has implemented some very interesting new tools.

But let's get to the details!


YouTube app icon

YouTube has released an update to its iOS app that offers support HDR technology we iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The feature, however, is not new: it was first implemented in 2017, when Apple introduced iPhone X, and periodically updated to support new hardware.

HDR YouTube Videos

To make sure you're watching the highest quality YouTube videos, just press the three dots in the top right corner of the video and choose the quality type listed in those that support HDR. Please note that only OLED display devices are compatible with the option, ie all iPad models, iPhones 11, XR, 8/8 Plus and earlier are excluded.


Twitch app icon

During the platform conference streaming held in San Diego, California, the company announced some news that will help streamers "connect more with your viewers." Among them, the iOS app has gained a new option by which users can subscribe to any Twitch channel, a feature already offered on the web version.

IOS subscriptions, however, work differently from desktop versions: users should buy Sub Tokens through the app using the Apple ID payment method. Each token can be used for a one month subscription, but you can extend it by redeeming more tokens (up to 12 at a time or according to your will).

These credits can be used on any affiliate or partner channel from level 1 and offer the same benefits as those seen in desktop subscriptions: sub-stamps, subscriber emoji, ad-free viewing, and more.

The Sub Tokens are available from $ 23 within the Twitch app.

iA Writer

IA Writer app icon

IA Writer app icon

One of the most popular iOS text editors, iA Writer, has been updated with Dark Mode support and specific features of iPadOS, such as multiple windows.

With this, iPad users can use the Split view with two editor windows open simultaneously; You can simply tap and hold a file to open it in a new window, or drag the Dock iA Writer icon to edit different documents at the same time. The update also includes support for some iPadOS gestures, such as pinching three fingers to copy and paste text.

The app also gained support for more keyboard shortcuts on Ma's tablet and the ability to capture the screen of an entire document. In addition, the latest update includes improvements to the Handoff and bug fixes.


Firefox web browser app icon

The popular browser has reached its 20 version for iOS and has gained some news, including the option of clear all history (as well as just last-minute, today's, and yesterday's navigation data). In addition, the Firefox menu now includes a link to the news page for each update, allowing users to easily check what has changed with each release.

Overall, the app has been optimized for iOS 13, so it should run smooth on the latest version of the Ma OS.