YouTube for Android now supports 1440p resolution

Google recently introduced the option to select the video resolution displayed on the Android version of the YouTube app. Now, depending on the device you are using, the maximum resolution option will be displayed. The feature was first observed on an LG G3 handset.

youtube 1440p
Youtube for Android supports 1440p on some devices /

So far, the maximum available resolution option was 1080p, even if the user had a smartphone or tablet with higher screen resolution. With the update the app now displays up to 1440p on some devices.

If you have an Android device with a screen resolution higher than 1080p, you can select the 1440p option in the settings while watching a video. The video obviously should bring the resolution option higher than 1080p. Users, however, reported that they were able to see option 1440p on some LG G3 phones, but not on Nexus 5 or HTC One M8. So if you do not see 1440p, do not worry, as the feature should gradually reach the handsets.

And you, found the new resolution in the options of Youtube? Leave your comments below!

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