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YouTube app now supports HDR videos on iPhone X

O iPhone X the first Apple smartphone to come from the factory with a screen officially capable of playing videos in HDR, but users still face the problem of not having a large amount of content available to take advantage of the resource.

The iTunes Store started selling HDR content last year, but the list of series and movies available in the format is not the largest; now, the time for the most important name of digital videos to enter the chart.

YouTube app for iPhone X showing HDR option

Reddit and forum users MacRumors have detected in recent days that, silently, the YouTube app has now included the HDR option on the iPhone X among the videos that offer the format. The novelty seems to have been activated remotely by Google, since there was no need to update the app for its appearance.

If you have an iPhone X, it’s easy to check out the news: just search for “HDR videos” in the search for YouTube itself and, after selecting what you want to see, touch the settings menu (the three dots in the upper right corner of the video), touch “Quality” and select an option with HDR, such as “1080p60 HDR”.

It’s good to note that the latest iPad Pro models also support HDR content playback, but the YouTube app doesn’t seem to have brought support for Ma’s tablets at this point although it certainly shouldn’t be long before the feature reaches them too .

YouTube app icon

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