YouTube app is adapted for new iPads Pro, but comes with flaws; Instagram and TweetDeck are updated

Here we are with three major app updates from the App Store! Let's take a look at them?


YouTube app icon

The world's most popular video platform app has been updated with native support for the screen resolutions of the new iPads Pro, but it came with one glaring flaw: the tablet launchpad obstructs the text of the app's bottom bar, as Chris showed. Welch from The verge:

YouTube has finally released support for the new iPad Pro screens. The iOS launchpad now obstructs some of the navigation tabs. I am surprised that this was approved, to be honest.

The problem should be fixed shortly, but a considerable slippage from Google and the App Store approval team, which must be busy banning perfectly cool games from independent developers.


Instagram app icon

Meanwhile, the world's largest photo and video social network has been updated to support the screen resolutions of the XS Max and XR iPhones again. As we noted a few weeks ago, the app had removed this optimization from your code for some mysterious reason, displaying the enlarged content and without the correct adjustments.

Recently, developer Guilherme Rambo discovered the reason for the change: Many Instagram users were still running iOS 9, which was incompatible with Xcode and the iOS 12 SDK (the only one that allowed optimizing the app for newer screens. 6.1 ″ and 6.5 ″ appliances). It was either one or the other, and Facebook folks opted for iOS 9 support.

Now, however, Instagram is properly patched and fully optimized for the XR / XS Max iPhones; On the other hand, you have lost compatibility with iOS 9 to use the network, you need to be running iOS 10 or higher.


App icon TweetDeck by Twitter

Finally, one of Twitter's most popular clients introduced good news to Mac users. TweetDeck, which was developed by the bird's own social network, is noteworthy. Dark mode which marries the new feature of macOS Mojave very

App Dark Mode can be set to work with the macOS feature or independently; version 3.10 also fixes a number of bugs and, according to its development team, brings several other improvements for more stable operation.