YouTube CEO Open Letter to Content Creators

YouTube announces more control over home videos and suggestions

YouTube has announced that it will offer users more control over which videos are displayed on their home page and Up Next suggestions.

“With that, we want to help viewers find new interests and passions, like a new favorite artist, a new content creator they can follow, or simply the best food recipes,” says the company.

The three specific changes that will be released in the coming days are:

  • Explore related topics and videos on your home page and Up Next suggestions: These could be videos related to what you are watching, videos posted by the channel you are watching, or other topics that may be of interest to you. This new feature can be found on the home page when you scroll up and on the Next screen while browsing.
  • Remove channel suggestions you don't want to watch:You can now tell YouTube to stop suggesting videos from a particular channel. Just tap the three-point menu next to a video, either on the home page or on NextUp, then "Don't recommend channel."
  • Learn why a video may be suggested to you:You can now view more information below the video in a small box that explains why these videos appear on your home page to help you find videos of new channels you might like.