Youth safety starts with more information. Also for parents and teachers

18In Portugal there are many good education projects for the safety of young people and awareness of parents and educators on how to prevent problems and address the most sensitive issues, and SAPO TEK has been reporting on the various initiatives in this area. But today we bring a guide produced by the Austrian eSafety commission.

The website has developed a guide for parents and educators, which is available in several languages, from English to Italian, Greek, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. All ready for download and ready to explain what the most important thing can be done to help young people in this task of staying safe while creating new connections and taking full advantage of the potential of the internet.

Cyberbulling, online pornography, nudes and sexting are some of the topics covered, and many of the topics may be new to those who are not used to new relationship practices and online pressures, but all topics are approached in a pragmatic and useful way.

What are the risks, how to minimize them and what to do if things go wrong are part of the councils that make up the guide, and what can be used by those who are already facing a more complicated situation, or parents and educators who want to know more about this reality, in a preventive way.