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Your internet will get 26% faster. Find out how!

Google announced on Wednesday (20/1) the activation of Brotli, an algorithm that promises data compression rates in Google Chrome up to 26% higher than its predecessor, Zopfli. In practice, this means your internet will get faster when loading information in browsers.

In other words, you access your sites faster on both your PC and smartphone. This is because Brotli makes better use of page space and load time. And in the case of mobile versions of the sites this is doubly good, because it makes us spend less MB of our data plan, besides requiring less battery.

In addition to Chrome, Google has said it expects its algorithm to be supported by major browsers in the market (Firefox, Edge and Opera) in the near future. However, the company did not disclose a date when this happens.

This is not Google's first move to make your browser load faster and spend less data on mobile versions. Another feature introduced by the company is Data Server, a browsing mode that is activated when Chrome identifies that your network is too slow.

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