You will get messages from apps like WhatsApp even without them installed

Messaging apps that work through your phone number, such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Allo, may send you messages even if you don't have the app installed on your phone. This new feature appears as part of the new Google Play Services update and the first app to use it was the new Allo.

Google developers announced the new function App Preview Messaging to Google Play Services this week. This way, both WhatsApp and Telegram will be able to integrate this function and allow your friends to send you messages even if you wanted to stay out of the communication bubble. To do so, it is sufficient that you are among the contacts of the user in question.

This happened this week to me and my fellow editor Eric Herrmann. As he appeared among my contacts, I started talking to him, but he didn't actually have the app installed, but the message appeared in his notification bar, as if we were chatting through the Allo app.

In the screenshot on the left side, you can see that from the notification possible Install the app (Installieren), Ignore (Ignorieren) and, despite the option Submit (Senden) appears in notification, unable to reply message without installing app.

google play services sms messages
The message arrives as a message notification, but you do not necessarily have the app on your smartphone / AndroidPIT

If you choose to ignore such a message, you have to choose between three reasons for this: just ignore the notification; ignore the notification and mark as spam; and, disable any notifications regarding Google Allo.

How to disable App Preview Messaging

The service can be disabled from Google Play Services settings by unchecking the App Preview Messaging option. It is worth emphasizing here that this function will be performed only among Android users.

Google Allo
Install on Google Play

At this time, only Google Allo, the newly announced app by Google, has this feature. However, the search giant has already offered the new API to Android developers, who can add the App Preview Messaging option to their apps.

In your opinion, is this an invasive function for Android users?

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