You no longer need a Google+ profile to use YouTube

You no longer need a Google+ profile to use YouTube

Soon you will no longer need to use a Google+ profile to access YouTube and other Google services. The company is removing authentication through the social network for use of its services. The change will allow users to access Big G platforms with only one email address. Check out details below.

Google recently announced the end of Google+ Photos, prompting users of the social photo backup service to migrate to the newly launched Google Photos. The requirement for a Google+ profile to use services such as Hangouts or YouTube was uncomfortable for most users. With the new changes, all users will need to use Google platforms will be a Gmail account. Check out an excerpt from Google's new changes post on its official blog:

"In the coming months, a Google account will be all you need to share content, communicate with contacts, or create a YouTube channel. YouTube will be the first to remove required authentication via Google+. As always, options for removal or public profile management will be available to users "

Google also pointed out that comments added by users on YouTube will no longer be shared on their respective Google Plus profiles. The same applies to video tanning. The company reports that accessing services without authentication through Google+ will make users' lives less complicated. But, which Google may not want to admit, the company's dating on its social network has "climbed the roof."

And in your opinion is mandatory authentication via Google+ a problem?