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You may not realize it, but your smartphone has changed you!

Our life is not the same since the arrival of smartphones. This is a clear fact. With social networking, app creation, ever-better camera development, and the evolution of the mobile internet, various daily habits have changed a great deal. We separated 7 aspects of life that were deeply affected by smartphones.

1. Selfies, selfies and more selfies

The phenomenon of selfies is a direct result of the improvement of cameras in our phones. From celebrities to animos, we can all publish our selfies on different platforms. Smartphones are the main culprits for this fashion, thanks to the ease of taking the photo and sharing it.

selfie it
Selfie abuse can be harmful to health / ANDROIDPIT

2. The Spy Syndrome

Going from mere curiosity to spying on people is an easy step to take. Smartphones have given people tools to control interactivity with others. Discussions between couples have undergone changes thanks to whether a message has been delivered and read, when a person is online or not, which app they are using.

androidpit stolen smartphone
Smartphones contain a lot of personal information today / AndroidPIT

Lock codes or fingerprints are a good way to enhance the security of a phone and the data contained in it. The smartphone has become a bay of personal information (emails, photos, messages).

3. Instant and continuous communication

Cell phones brought SMS as a form of communication. Smartphones have revolutionized these messages with email apps and instant messengers; Now we can easily exchange messages, with videos and photos, getting constantly connected.

And if you're not good with words, you can use countless emoticons, emojis, and symbols that are an intrinsic part of everyday language, of course, voice messages.

AndroidPIT best messenger apps new hero
Messaging apps reinforced the phenomenon / AndroidPIT

4. One device

Smartphones have many multimedia functions, which made selling portable music players and compact cameras quite a lot. In this way, smartphones replace the cameras and mp3 players that filled our pockets. It's never been easier to have access to thousands of songs at once, either through online stores or streaming services.

androidpit podcast addict 2
The smartphone the perfect all-in-one device / ANDROIDPIT

5. Never get lost again

One of the biggest advantages of smartphones is through its mapping and GPS apps. Now, practically impossible to get lost. Even if you have no WiFi or data franchise, many apps work offline.

The fear of getting lost in a different neighborhood, a new city or even going to that cabin in the bush is over. Now you can discover new places and risk more smartphone.

androidpit google maps gps 3
Now you just get lost if the battery runs out / ANDROIDPIT

6. Too lazy to think

New technologies have greatly facilitated access to knowledge. In addition to free virtual encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, there are many websites to ask questions or learn something new. This super easy access to information brings bad habits too.

For example, when we have a question, instead of thinking about it and trying to come up with an answer for ourselves, we immediately turn to the internet to answer it. Less and less we rely on our memory and more on virtual information.

book swipe
All our knowledge is tied to the smartphone / ANDROIDPIT

7. The screen addiction

According to a survey by Madame Figaro of more than 2,000 participants, people average their phone 221 times a day, spending 3h16min daily looking at the screen. That gives almost a day a week dedicated to our dear device.

To make matters worse, 40% of respondents said they were completely lost without their smartphone. One of the main features of this addiction when we take our smartphone just by reflex, without having any real need for it.

What behaviors have you changed thanks to your smartphone?

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