You don't have to be an astronaut to control SpaceX's Dragon 2. Now try …

The curiosity of space enthusiasts is fueled by the new discoveries and next technological steps that SpaceX, NASA and other companies related to the space industry present. But the eyes are already set on the future when ordinary mortals will be able to do tourism in space, and that is why we must increasingly feed that dream of little ones, that of being an astronaut.

And that thought is certainly in the SpaceX engineers who made a simulator available for everyone to experience the feeling of being in control of a Dragon 2 vehicle. The company explains that this is a real interface used by NASA astronauts to successfully conduct the vehicle to the International Space Station. And you can do it on this SpaceX website.

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Far from being easy, the challenge is to align the ship with the ISS with an error of less than 0.2%, otherwise it will destroy a vehicle of many millions of dollars. To do this, you have to align a crosshair on the Space Station dock, using the on-screen interface, from acceleration to height, but remember that there are factors such as gravity to be taken into account, so nothing linear. You can try as many times as you want.

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