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You can now use your used phone to buy a new Android. see how

Starting today, you can now use your smartphone as part of paying for a new device at Casas Bahia and Pontofrio physical stores. According to the companies, the maximum price for a legally used device is 2,200 reais.

How it works

Casas Bahia and Pontofrio have partnered with Brightstar, a used mobile phone repurchase company. According to Jos Froes, president of Brightstar, a residual value analysis of the handsets is made, then the launch price, the value in the used market and finally the purchase value is generated.

After the seller's evaluation, the consumer will receive a transfer of ownership of the product to make the transaction official. Once this is done, the store customer will receive a purchase voucher (valid only on the day of sale) to purchase their new phone or tablet.


For the purchase of your device to be effective, the seller asks five questions:

  • Does the appliance work?
  • Does he have a broken screen?
  • What is the condition of the carcass (rear and side)?
  • The device has the buttons working and has all its parts preserved?
  • What is the condition of LCD and Touchscreen?

If the unit does not work, discard the possibility of exchange, the other damages will serve to decrease the value of the exchange device. The IMEI number, the unique code of each smartphone, will also be checked to prevent stolen devices from being sold. So if your smartphone is stolen, stolen or lost, report it or report it to your service provider immediately. Thus, one can try to avoid creating a "smartphone mob".

This type of action is already made by stores like Apple, which accepts the used iPhone to lower the purchase price of a new iPhone in the US. In Brazil, by the way, a repurchase company that outsources this process. Motorola also offers a reduction in the value of the Moto Z series by changing the handset of the user.

The idea that, until the end of March, Brazilians have 970 Via Varejo stores with this payment option with used, which can be smartphones or tablets.


If you want to take a test, Casas Bahia already offers an online buy-back page. According to what I could see on the store's website, the deadline for issuance is a maximum of 3 days. However, even if the store evaluates your smartphone, do a search on the internet and see if the value offered matches your phone's used price:

I did a simulation using the Galaxy S6 as a replacement device and was offered $ 500 off a new model purchase, even though all the answers about the device were positive. In my opinion, this would not be worth it:

galaxy s6 bahia house
500 reais very little as a starting price for a Galaxy S6 used in exchange / Casas Bahia

And, do you think this is a good solution to change handsets?

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